How to Implement the Let Me Decide Advance Care Directive (LMD) in Nursing Homes<\h4>.

St. Luke’s Nursing Home, Mahon, Cork

Tuesday 20th September 2016 9am- 4pm


This workshop is for staff who work in long term care to show how to implement LMD in nursing homes. This workshop will teach you:

  1. History and background of advance care directives.
  2. How to develop a clear comprehensive policy.
  3. Ethical and legal issues.
  4. How to screen for cognitive function using the Standardized Min Mental State Examination (SMMSE).
  5. How to measure residents’ capacity to understand and complete LMD. Those who are competent can complete them. Families are contacted for those who lack capacity.
  6. How to deal with residents who do not have capacity.
  7. How to deal with partial capacity.
  8. Practical issues in implementing advance directives
  9. There will be hands-on training in small groups showing you the step-by-step process in completing LMD with residents and families.
  10. How to educate staff, residents and families about LMD

Price: 200 euros per participant includes: Snacks and lunch provided.

Each participant will receive all the materials you will need to implement the program, A Let Me Decide book, Sample Policy, A Workshop Manual, A Let Me Decide advance care directive form, A form for Partial Capacity, An End of Life Care Plan for residents who lack Capacity. An administration and scoring guidelines for the Standardized Mini Mental State Examination and the scoring sheet also an administration guidelines and scoring sheet for the ( SIACAID ) Screening Instrument to Assess Capacity to complete an Advance Directive.  A copy of slides used in workshop if requested. To date the workshops have a 935 APPROVAL RATING. Bord Altranais credits and certification of attendance at the Let Me Decide Workshop.


Call to register at:        086 787 2287       Prof. D.W. Molloy           086 0285394  Mareeta Calnan