Accredited Courses


Applying to undertake a QQI Course at Northridge House

Admission requirements are framed by reference to a clear and consistent approach for all learners, based on:

  • QQI component award specification
  • NFQ Award Level;
  • Course delivery method (e.g. IT skills for access to learning materials; and
  • Learner existing competencies and suitability for the course (e.g. English language and IT skills).

Learners who have completed either their Primary or Secondary level education in English will be allowed direct access to QQI Level 5 and 6 programmes subject to meeting all other entry requirements. In cases where a student’s comprehension of English may be an issue, an interview will be arranged with the Director of Education to determine the appropriate course of action. Learners are required to meet the pre-qualification requirements of their chosen course.