Thursday 13th October – 9.30am-12.30pm

There is no charge for this workshop however prior booking is essential to

Overview on Training Sudden Death and Bereavement (When a child/young person dies suddenly)
Aims: Professionals will be able to:
1. Demonstrate competence in the awareness of the complexities surrounding the sudden death of a child or young person
2. Critical analyses and evaluate the Core Issues and impacts surrounding each individuals needs when dealing with sudden death
3. Identify and understand the unique cultural diversities when a child or young person dies suddenly
4. Display a clear understanding of the grief of siblings, grandparents and wider family and how to deal with these relationships
5. Learning how to manage a professional programme and awareness of self-care and gain an understanding of their own risk profile.
Overview of topics discussed:
1. Psychology and meaning of a child or young person’s death
2. Impact of Sudden Death on families, professionals and communities
3. Cultural diversity requirements following the sudden death of a child or young person
4. Impact on siblings and wider family members
5. Self-care for the professional
6. Gender issues in grief
7. Risk factors and triggers in dealing with sudden bereavement
8. Normal and Complicated Grief
About FirstLight: FirstLight are an organisation that provides professional and qualified support to parents and families who suddenly lose a child nationally. FirstLight also provides professional training to front line professionals in dealing with the impacts surrounding the sudden death of a child or young person – regardless of age or circumstance.