DISCLAIMER for the PROVISION of EDUCATION/TRAINING by St Luke’s Home, Cork, (Incorporated) t/a Northridge House Education Centre (The Centre).

Attendance and/or participation in continuous education programmes which are provided by, or on behalf of The Centre are subject to the following terms and conditions:

Education Programmes are developed solely for the purposes of The Centre’s requirements in the interests of protecting and improving the health of the public in respect of the knowledge and training of employees of a healthcare provider who are engaged in a healthcare environment (whether public and/or private). In light of these purposes, programmes are intended to provide educational information to aid and augment an understanding of the theoretical subject matter presented and/or the practical application of certain skills and competencies. It is the individual responsibility of each practitioner to assess and maintain his/her own competence in respect of any situation and to assess the limitations of his/her competence. Programmes are not intended to affect, interfere with or limit a person’s individual responsibility to practice safely and effectively within his/her scope of practice and in accordance with any local policies, guidelines and/or protocols which may exist.

The Centre shall have no liability, whether in (a)contract, (b)tort, (c)statute or (d)otherwise, for any injury, loss, damage or claim arising out of, or in connection with, any person’s attendance and/or participation in programmes including but not limited to the subject matter thereof and/or arising out of the use of any handbooks, guidance notes, other documentation, oral presentations/demonstrations, web-based learning tools or any other instruction or materials provided as part of a course (the “Materials”), howsoever arising. Any Materials provided by The Centre as part of a programme are provided for information and guidance purposes only. The Centre makes no representation, assurance, warranty or guarantee of any kind whatsoever in relation to the Materials. The provision of the Materials is without prejudice to the obligation of persons attending and/or participating in programmes to continually develop themselves as professionals, where applicable. These terms and conditions are without prejudice to the operation of The Centre’s Indemnity Scheme and the professional responsibilities of any persons attending and/or participating in a programme.