Intimacy, Sexuality, Ageing and Dementia.

This half day programme takes a rights based approach to supporting older people and in particular people living with dementia around the area of sexuality.

HIQA Guidance for Designated Centres Intimacy and Sexual Relationships (GDE6) November 2014 states that:

“As a provider, you have a duty to promote the best interests of service users in regard to issues of intimacy, relationships and sexuality.

Providers also have a clear duty to protect service users from abuse, including sexual abuse.

As a service provider you have a duty to ensure that your service complies with legislation, that the privacy and dignity of people using your service is respected as well as their rights to freedom and bodily integrity.

Service providers and their staff should not intrude into the privacy of people using their service, unless it is warranted to keep people safe.”

This programme addresses:

  • Perceptions and attitudes to older people and sex.
  • Defining intimacy, sexuality and their significance for well-being.
  • Barriers to expression of sexuality in residential care.
  • Consent and capacity to engage in sexual acts.
  • LGBT+ and diverse ageing
  • Supporting families
  • Challenges when dealing with sexually explicit behaviour.
  • Risk assessment
  • Sexual Health and Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Guidance for good practice
  • Promoting moments of intimacy in everyday life
  • Challenging attitudes and culture of care


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9.30am12.30pm1/2 DayN/A€50