Northridge House Education and Research Centre hosted a Ceremony of Presenting CPE Certificates on Wednesday 21st March following its Annual Programme. Six students completed the programme and travelled widely from Dublin, Waterford, Kerry and Cork. In the unavoidable absence of the President of St Luke’s Charity, Dr Paul Colton (Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross) the CEO of the Charity Mr. David O’Brien together with CEO of Cork University Hospital Mr. Tony McNamara presented the Certificates.
Those in attendance included family members of the students, mentors from placement sites, lecturers and staff from St. Luke’s Home.

Gratitude was expressed by the Supervisor Revd. Bruce Pierce for the on-going support of the Charity to Clinical Pastoral Education which is viewed as part of the Outreach Programme. Mr. O’Brien celebrated the on-going relationship with Cork University Hospital as exemplified by the presence of the CEO Mr. McNamara, chaplains and CPE Supervisor Rev. Dr. Daniel Nuzum. Mr. Namara closed the ceremony with an inspiring message of the centrality of Hope within the Healthcare Settings.