ACPE (Ireland) Ltd together with CASC (Canadian Association for Spiritual Care) formally signed an Agreement of Reciprocity at the recent Annual CASC Conference at Deerhurst Resort, Ontario on 25th April. President of CASC Rev Elaine Nagy and Chairperson of ACPE(Ireland) Rev Bruce Pierce signed this innovative agreement on behalf of their respective bodies. The agreement acknowledges the full mutual recognition of CPE Programmes and CPE Supervisory status. The journey to this important event took four years and it was celebrated with delight by both bodies. Gratitude is due Rev Dr Neil Elford and Kim Bustard (CASC) together with Aileen Walsh and Rev Pierce ACPE (Ireland)

ACPE(Ireland) joins a number of American professional bodies holding similar relationship with CASC and this was acknowledged in the presence of the Chairpersons of the following bodies: Elaine Nagy (CASC), Ron Oliver (Association of Professional Chaplains), Sandra Katz (Neshama: Association of Jewish Chaplains), Mary T O’Neill (National Association of Catholic Chaplains) as well as Clare Bamberg (AAPC) and Bruce Pierce (ACPE Ireland)