QQI Level 6 – Gerontology (6N3748)

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Aim: On completion of this QQI Level 6 Gerontology course, each participant will be equipped with insights and strategies into the professional care of the older adult.

The participants will acquire an understanding of the normal and pathological changes which occur as we age. They will gain an awareness of the attitudes and stereotypes which influence the position and perception of the older adult in society.

What will I learn?

O The theories of ageing;

O The physiological and psychological changes associated with old age;

O Western society’s response to old age;

O Legislation and organisations which support older people;

O Successful ageing and healthy coping mechanisms.

Is it for me?

This course is ideal for anyone who is the Person in Charge, Owner/Manager of Nursing Homes, Supervisors, Directors of Care, Clinical Nurse Managers, community / social care workers / Senior HCA and those with an interest in Care of the Older Adult.

What’s Involved?

Day 1:

  •  Introduction Overview/ Assignments
  • Theories of Ageing
  • Physical Changes associated with ageing
  • Launch Assignment Reflective diary

Day 2:

  • Demographics
  • Traditional vs Emerging ideas of age
  • Stereotypes & Attitudes
  • Sociological Aspects of Ageing

Day 3

  • The impact of an ageing population on society
  • National Local Services
  • Alternatives to long term care and global innovations
  • Meeting the needs of the older person and their family in long term care

Day 4

  • Opportunities and Growth in older people
  • Responses to Life Transitions
  • Skills and Preparation for adjustments to older adult life
  • Studies and research into the ageing

Day 5

  • Relationships and Emotional supports for old age
  • How adult development impacts on ageing
  • Healthy and unhealthy attitudes to death & dying

Day 6

  • Concepts and Reactions to ideas learning and memory
  • Contentious issues in Care
  • Practical ideas to integrate the learning experiences into life and work

Entry Requirements:

Level 5 Certificate, Leaving Certificate or equivalent qualifications and/or relevant life and work experiences.

All participants must have fluency in English, spoken and written.


This course is suitable for Person in Charge, Owner/Manager of nursing homes, supervisors, Directors of Care, clinical nurse managers, community / social care workers.