Bruce Pierce

Role: Director of Education & Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor

Bruce commenced in the new position as Director of Education during 2008. He brings over 25 years of ministerial experience to the post having worked in both parish and hospital settings. He has worked overseas in both Amsterdam and Toronto. While in Toronto he was Director of Chaplaincy Services for Princess Margaret Hospital which is one of the leading oncology hospitals in North America. Bruce was accredited as a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Supervisor during 2008 and runs an annual extended unit at St. Luke’s from October to February. He also coordinates various pastoral courses including the three year Bishop Course in Pastoral Studies. He maintains an interest in research in the areas of palliative care, supervision and inter faith ministry.

Currently Bruce is Chairperson of both ACPE(Ireland) and Chaplaincy Accreditation Board


Trinity College, Dublin, Bachelor of Business Studies, 1976-1980
Trinity College, Dublin, Bachelor of Theology, 1986-1989
All Hallows, Dublin, M.A. (Pastoral Leadership), 1997-1999
Dublin City University, M.A. (Healthcare Chaplaincy), 2000-2002
RTS Coordinator Training (Gunderson Lutheran Medical Foundation), 2001
Association of Death Education and Counselling CT, Certified in Thanatology: Death, Dying and Bereavement, 2006
CAPPE (Canadian Association for Pastoral & Practical Education), Certified Specialist in Pastoral Care, 2007
CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) Associate Supervisor ACPE(Ireland), 2007
CPE Supervisor ACPE(Ireland),2008
Accredited Healthcare Chaplain, 2009, Chaplaincy Accreditation Board. (Equivalency granted)


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